Research Initiatives commissioned by COWLHA in relation to gender and HIV

COWLHA has just finalised compiling a report on intimate partner violence among people living with HIV. The research leading up to the report was supported by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Agaist Women (UNTF) and it aimed at getting insights into the forms and manifestations of violence among intimate partners.The research has collected baseline data on prevailing community demographics; gender roles and norms; violence against women; sexual attitudes; communication and behaviors; existing structures on redressing violence against women; HIV knowledge and stigma and discrimination from the targeted districts. The findings of the research are being used to design responsive gender and HIV programmes to enable COWLHA address the needs of its constituency of women living with HIV. The report is in the process of being published and it should be disseminated very soon.

To generate further evidence for our programmes, COWLHA is also in the process of conduting another research titled “GENDER BASED VIOLENCE AND HIV/AIDS IN MALAWI: LINKS, OPPORTUNITIES AND POTENTIAL RESPONSES”. The planned research recognises that decisive steps are being taken to address both HIV/AIDS and GBV, especially domestic violence in Malawi. However, there is lack of analysis and data about the linkages between GBV and HIV/AIDS. The goal of this research is to bridge this gap and uncover the linkages that exist between GBV and HIV/AIDS in Malawi in order to determine opportunities for strengthening gender-specific responses on AIDS as well as for addressing HIV related risks and consequences within the context of interventions against GBV. COWLHA will conduct this research in close collaboration with UNAIDS and technical guidance through a task team within the Sub-TWG on Gender, Culture, Human Rights.


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