• To encourage and support women to form self help support groups and networks.
  • To ensure that women living with HIV and AIDS have accessible and affordable health care including ART.
  • To ensure the sexual reproductive health rights of women are respected and protected.
  • To reduce the vulnerability of women and girls living with HIV and AIDS by empowering them with knowledge and skills to demand their rights and participate in decision making processes.
  • To promote income generating activities though livelihood programmes. 
  • To prevent or reduce the incidences of HIV infection and re-infection.
  • To promote the food security of infected and affected women to improve their nutrition and reduce the occurrence of opportunistic infections.
  •  To build awareness among women on property rights and laws of Malawi.
  •  To lobby and advocate for the rights of women and girls living with HIV and AIDS with all stakeholders.
  • To provide counseling services to women living with HIV and AIDS.
  • To conduct research on issues affecting women living with HIV and AIDS to inform responsive intervention programmes.
  • To network with other organizations and partners.